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What we do

Lumos is on its way to become the leading european mobile app publisher.

Leveraging unique in-house tech & expertise, Lumos partners with App owners to bring their apps to the top.

“The collaboration with Lumos has raised
the app to the next level.”

Lennart Brandt - Creator of WeBurn

How we work

We created unique tools to manage the Design, ASO, UA, and Monetization, to allow the app creators to focus on what they do best: content and code.

All of our decisions are data-backed, enabling us to test and adopt the best strategy for your App

Our technology

Technologies for App Publishing Automation

Lumos Forecast: Predict the future

We use Machine Learning to forecast the future Life Time Value (LTV) of the users of the App.

Just 4 days after a user has installed an app, Lumos Forecast can predict its future LTV with an accuracy of 85% for any App.

Lumos Bidder : The user acquisition automation tool

Using Lumos Forecast, the Smart Bidder analyses the Cost Per Install and future LTV of the user and automatically adjusts the bids and budgets of all campaigns in all countries and on all networks to maximise the ROI of the App.

AB Testing : find the best version of the app

Lumos will test simultaneously several versions of the App to identify the one with the highest future LTV per user in only 4 days using Lumos Forecast.

Smart Waterfall : Ad monetization automation

Smart Waterfall will automatically optimise the Ad waterfall and maximise the revenues generated. The tool is compatible with the top 20 networks.

We are working with the best products in the industry

Who we are

We're a team of Mobile Apps experts.

Our team has worked at or founded top mobile companies. Together, we've worked on several mobile app projects and published them successfully. When we decide to work with you, you will only take care of the development, we will do the rest.

Meet our management team!

Vincent Hart de Keating

Co-Founder & CEO

Damien Soulard

Co-Founder & CTO

Yann Alessandri

Senior Product Designer

Bastien Delaly

Lead Data Scientist

Philip Seifert

App Publisher

Binh Dang

Head of ASO

Our Success Stories

Weburn app
Weburn icon


Developed by Freshminds GmbH

WeBurn is the best fitness app for women. Join a community, start a 30 days challenge and stay motivated with 7 minutes workouts.

Plaw app
Plaw icon


Developed by Humblecraft

Plaw is the number one solution for customizing your phone. Use beautiful Wallpapers, App Icons and Widgets adapted to all screen sizes.

Bend app
Bend icon


Developed by Bowery Digital

Bend is the simplest way to practice easy-to-follow stretching exercises and yoga poses at home.

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